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and it is difficult to reverse it by any stratagem. --Decameronthe more likely it is to make a mistake. --The adventures of good soldier Shuaike

Part I:Words are the basic elements of sentences and paragraphs in English Literature Part 2:At the same time, we should inherit the writer's style to make the translation form a unique language style
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Life is an art of regret. Those imperfect lives, like a gem cut open, always reflect colorful light

The nearer you are, the farther the journey will be; the simplest tone needs the hardest practice. --Selected poems of Tagore……

The emotional translation of poetry is a difficulty in the translation of English and American literary works

Listen, the courtyard is very busy. The red candle shakes the tears and the Bi people marry the mandarin ducks……

appear to possess a special charm,bringing to others hope, passion and surprise,and,thus winning others’favor and trust.It can

In the sweet dream, everyone is equal, but when the sun rises and……

but serve as an efficient instrument for individuals to change the world. Those equipped with it are always admired and respected,


Each of us should attach high emphasis on solving it.

affairs of the Persian Gulf during the Pahlavi dynasty. Therefore, Iranian Persian……

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