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【中国产农村一级毛卡片】1There are such happy people in the world. They turn their pain

Author JI Kaiyun, Professor, School of the History and Culture, Southwest University;Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University.

Part I:739 English literary works have been translated and published in China Part 2:Therefore, the translator must carefully taste every sentence in the original text
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This paper analyzes on the basic qualities that must be possessed by the translators of English literature

Life is just the distance from afternoon to dusk. The tea is cool and the willow shoots are on the moon……

It is the translator's re creation based on his understanding of English works

Egypt and the Hittite New Kingdom around the 14th century BCE. The paper suggests that……

to enact concrete laws to control commercial fishing. On the other hand, we should enhance people's awareness that

to Iran has been achieved. However, the Sunni extremistthreat to Iran,……

The emotional translation of poetry is a difficulty in the translation of English and American literary works


Love does not need to be multi lingual, the soul of the match, really love you, will not want you to hurt, because your pain is also

Under the gate of the city, the poem sung by the white horse Youth, the distant place in the dream, and the wish lit by a river lamp in the starlight……

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