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【小蝌蚪APP】Once upon a time in Jiangnanwhere you think you should get good intentions and friendship. --The legend of the giantpilgrimage economy. Thepilgrimage economy is an important section in Saudi Arabia..s economic,See Fig

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In translation practice

In the drizzle, the lotus root color and white waist, which are not thick and colorful, are like a purple star flower blooming to the extreme in southern China

In this way, the author can accurately interpret the emotion he wants to express in the target language

Linghu blue leaned against the green bricks and the black tiles, played the flute horizontally and smiled quietly. The little girl smiled and went forward, stretched out her white and tender hand and caught his plain and ink like skirt....

Translation itself is a discipline

apartfrom the driving role of religion, external influence as well as the internal governmental....

status as the focus of public concern mainly results from its profound influence on individuals, collective and even the whole world.

achieved results and its preliminary target of eliminatingthe strategic threat of the “Islamic State”....

The emotional translation of poetry is a difficulty in the translation of English and American literary works


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