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【日在校园6集版】When the wind blows, willow catkins fly, like a graceful flying dream butterfly, swirling in a little golden halo and falling lightly2We are experiencing all the sudden happenings in our lives, unprepared, like actors

Part I:For translators Part 2:Life is an art of regret. Those imperfect lives, like a gem cut open, always reflect colorful light
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Then we can grasp the overall style characteristics

April, I walk through your tenderness……

The girl with a few light freckles on her face. Although not perfect, they are closer to the world

1In the common sense of all kinds of things, love can not be changed and blocked,……

his pain; your injury, is also his pain, your happiness and sadness are related to him.

If God openly goes against people, it is difficult for anyone to deal with. --Homer's epic……

And some universities have set up corresponding translation research institutions

Once upon a time in Jiangnan……

The corresponding solutions are put forward


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