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the Arab aid countries are a particularimportant force in the international aid system.

Part I:Much can be done. To begin with the schools and the mass media should develop,guide and cultivate noble and worthy values Part 2:I'm still white and tender. When I eat it, it's so soft and sweet that I often think of it many years later
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To conclude, we should not yield to mediocrity regardless of seemingly

3Although the good people are confused in their pursuit, they will realize that there is a right way. --Faust……

And rely on their own imagination to feel the author's creative feelings

Winter is mild, whose eyes are full of sunlight, confused to send it to me, and who said, warm heart, cherish forever!……

So when the translator works

My whole life's' low brow, low brow, I leave myself in your wind……

At the same time, the translator is also required to analyze the writer's language characteristics according to the specific words and texts of the literary works

Yellow green and yellow green, charming and beautiful, affecting every nerve of me, really love……

Therefore, when translating, the author should carefully consider the artistic effect of each word in the original text

Abstract The Persian Gulf strategy of Iran is a key component of national strategies, which hasextremely……

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