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【最新火车停运通知】Who is the third generation of depressionThe rain outside the eaves is urgent and fierce. When it hits the mountain forest, it makes a dense patter, but it seems to be the silence wrapped in the deep mountain

Key Words  Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development; Foreign Aid; South.SouthCooperationTransitionAuthor  NIU Song, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Middle East Studies Institute,

Part I:At the same time, it is also a difficult point in the translation of English literary works Part 2:What the image above vividly mirrors goes far more than a simple image,instead,it carries a thought provoking social phenomenon:
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English itself has the beauty of language image

2The person who makes people laugh at his own behavior is always the first to speak ill of others. --Hypocrite……

gradually enriching human material and spiritual wealth,eventually brings economic prosperity and social harmony.

1After leaving for a lifetime, he returned to the land where he was born.……

In line with the original artistic conception

contribution and impact of Kuwait..s foreign aid, inparticular, the Fund..s assistance to……

So when the translator works

pilgrimage economy. Thepilgrimage economy is an important section in Saudi Arabia..s economic……

every vital to us. Only by these means can we succeed in solving the problem in the near future.(1 Therefore, measures should be

ShanghaiInternational Studies University; ZHANG Xuan, Master Cadidate, Middle East……

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