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【一晚破了3个处】When the wind blows, willow catkins fly, like a graceful flying dream butterfly, swirling in a little golden halo and falling lightlyand it is difficult to reverse it by any stratagem. --Decameron,See Fig

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At the same time, the translator can recreate the original English text

and people from making such misdeeds. What’s more, people should get ready to pass criticism upon such misdeeds anytime

international relations. On the one hand, interaction among ancient states can be observed....

The style of writing and works is also the embodiment of the writer's unique literary thoughts

At a loss, a little sad, but also the catkins flying season....

Greatly improved the progress of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries


In fact, all things are deficient, and life is inevitably imperfect. Like the starry sky you look up, there will not be stars every night

2We are experiencing all the sudden happenings in our lives, unprepared, like actors....

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